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Property Management, Riverview, MI

Property Management Services in Riverview, MI

We Help Take the Hassle out of Property Management!
Why Are You Managing Your Own Rental Properties?

Did you purchase a property that is rental help secure your financial future? Are you renting your home because you couldn’t sell it? How much are you really gaining by doing your own property management? Epic Property Management, Riverview, MI is here to take those worries away.

Some of the problems with self management include:

Longer time to fill vacancies
Underpricing or rents that are overpricing
Inability to find time to answer tenant phone calls and schedule showings
Lacking the resources to properly screen rental applicants
Lacking a base of contractors and maintenance personnel to ensure your property is maintained in a professional manner.
Misunderstanding the eviction process and not acting quickly enough to minimize losses

Property management, Riverview, MI

Tenant Interactions
Rental Inspections
Advertising, Showing & Leasing
Timely Rent Collection or Eviction if necessary
Our online, dedicated owner portal gives every owner access to the status and reporting on their property whenever and wherever they want. Income and expense tracking is completely available and electronic in real time, all the time.

Question on an invoice? Want to see when your tenant paid rent?……..No problem, simply log on and view the receipt that is actual check.
Need an income and expense report to evaluate your investment performance?……..Select the desired report and print or email it wherever you would like.
Property owners love the transparency and simplicity of our system.

We ensure that your property is well managed to attract and retain tenants – so you get consistent cash flow whether you own a single family home, duplex or apartment building.

Our Property Management, Riverview, MI services

We provide the following services that can be tailored to meet your real estate needs:Epic property management services

Property Evaluations
Property Inspections
Rent Analysis
Tenant Placement
Tenant Management
Maintenance & Repairs
Investment Analysis

Maybe you don’t have time or the desire to manage your rental property yourself. Maybe some of the problems that are potential apply to you. Maybe you simply want a passive investment without all the hassle. Contact us at (734)225-6934 to find out how we can help you generate cash that is consistent from your property without all the hassle!