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  • The Ultimate New Landlord Checklist

    The Ultimate New Landlord Checklist

    When diving into the world of real estate and property investment, a new landlord checklist can help break complicated requirements into clear action steps and areas of focus. And this is a big benefit, because while real estate investing can be lucrative, it’s also a lot of work. Along with acquiring properties and screening potential…

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  • A Year in Review: Insights for Rental Property Owners

    A Year in Review: Insights for Rental Property Owners

    The New Year marked a milestone at Epic Property Management: our first full year of sharing insights for property investors on this blog. With our inaugural batch of high-value content wrapped up, it seems a perfect time to recap our most useful posts. We hope this will be a quick and useful resource to help…

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  • D Profile Magazine Feature!

    D Profile Magazine Feature!

    It’s an honor to be featured in D Profile magazine, which shares stories about what’s making waves in Downriver Detroit. The recent article highlighted our major move last spring, when we transitioned our headquarters from Southgate to Wyandotte. This strategic relocation was a step toward accommodating our growing business—and a reflection of our commitment to…

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  • The Rental Remodel Checklist Every Investor Needs (Free!)

    The Rental Remodel Checklist Every Investor Needs (Free!)

    Planning for a remodel on an investment property is not a creative or emotional process, like a home renovation to your primary residence might be. It’s a strategic process focused on maximizing your return on investment (ROI) by increasing your income, effectively improving your price to rent ratio. So, like most business processes, a rental remodel hinges largely…

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  • Price to Rent Ratio : 4 Insider Secrets

    Price to Rent Ratio : 4 Insider Secrets

    Price-to-rent ratio is a quick and simple metric used by real estate investors to evaluate potential investment opportunities. It’s a tool that helps gauge a rental property’s potential for both near-term profitability and long-term viability. The equation is simple: divide a property’s purchase price by the annual rent it can generate. But getting smart about…

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