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How To Scale A Rental Property Business

Wondering how to scale a rental property business? Let’s look at the 3 factors that can make or break your success. We get the opportunity to work with many investors and property owners who are excited about the growth of their businesses but also want to be intentional about how they scale. They know that…

Managing City Inspections for Rental Properties

If you asked 100 owners what their favorite thing is about real-estate investing, 0% would say managing city inspections for rental properties. As neissary as they are inconvenient, costly, and time consuming, city inspections can be a headache on many levels. From coordinating with tenants to keeping up with requirements to managing sub-contractors for each…

How Cost Segregations Can Benefit Real Estate Investors

Cost segregations can be powerful tools for improving cash flow and profit. But for many real estate investors, the concept is downright daunting. So we invited Terry Judge to enlighten our readers. Terry is an expert in cost segregations and tax incentives, and together with Core Solutions Group, he’s on a mission to help businesses…