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Real-Estate Investment Success Stories: Part 1

Investing in rental property can be a big adventure, and everyone loves a good adventure story. The educational nature of those stories is part of the reason we’re launching this blog.

Because the adventure can get complicated. Should you go with variable or flat rate property management? What do you need to know about city inspections? What are cost segregations, and can they benefit you?

While we aim to share insights and tips on property management and real-estate investing, along the way, we’ll also share some highly informative stories of Epic Property Management’s journey to success.

If you own rental property—or if you’re considering such an investment—you can learn a great deal from the Epic journey our owner has taken. That’s part of the reason many podcasters have invited him onto their shows over the years. 

As we get this blog started, we’ll be sharing some of those past episodes here. 

Today, we’re kicking off with 2 great listens:

  • Real Estate Takeoff
  • Making Money in Multifamily Real Estate Show

Real Estate Takeoff

Real Estate Takeoff is a podcast that “hosts the industry’s leading experts from a diverse set of backgrounds to cover all aspects of apartment investing.”

The show aims to share “personal stories and expert advice from apartment syndicators, property managers, brokers, accountants, attorneys, lenders, analysts, economists, passive investors, and more.”

In “Crushing it in Michigan with Josh Sterling,” our owner and the show’s hosts, Mike Tighe and Shawn DiMartile, discussed stories and topics like:

  • Owning and managing a 1,000+ unit portfolio
  • Josh’s journey from airline pilot to investor
  • Making tough choices for the sake of your financial well-being
  • Big career changes
  • Starting with single-family investments
  • Making a foray into multifamily properties
  • Scaling a rental-property business
  • Achieving financial independence
  • Tips for investment success

Have a listen here or on your favorite pod catcher:

Making Money in Multifamily Real Estate Show

Covering everything to do with multifamily real-estate investing, this show focuses on helping listeners become experts in their real-estate ventures. 

The host, Dave Morgia, interviews guests who are already experts in their respective fields, and invites them to share the principles and practices that have helped them achieve success.

In the episode “Growing A Real Estate And Property Management Company In Tandem with Josh Sterling,” Morgia and our owner discussed topics like

  • Making a decision to get into property management
  • Getting started in the business in 2009
  • Handling property management versus hiring it out
  • The challenges of growing 2 businesses at the same time
  • What tasks to delegate, and why it can be hard to let go
  • The best ways to communicate with prospective tenants to align expectations
  • How to handle emergency calls
  • How to train your tenants in what is and is not an emergency

Listen here: