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5 Property-Management Tips We’ve Learned the Hard Way (So You Don’t Have To)

Property management can be exciting and rewarding in many ways. But as you move up the learning curve, the necessary trial and error can prove brutal—and costly. With Epic Property Management being built from the ground up, by a hands-on property owner, we’ve learned a boatload over the years. And we’re ready to share some of that…

Real-Estate Investment Success Stories: Part 2

A real-estate investor needs to wear a lot of hats: property expert, business executive, financial guru, and much more. Over the years, our owner has appeared on numerous podcasts to discuss the many concerns of real-estate investors and property managers. And he’s shared a lot of great advice along the way. Today, we’re pointing you…

Real-Estate Investment Success Stories: Part 1

Investing in rental property can be a big adventure, and everyone loves a good adventure story. The educational nature of those stories is part of the reason we’re launching this blog.  While we aim to share insights and tips on property management and real-estate investing, along the way, we’ll also share some highly informative stories of…